Daily Bulletin



Wednesday, April 24th, 2019


Congratulations to the following students, for having artwork selected for the Arcadia Unified School District Art Show.  Their artwork is on display now until May 10th at the Arcadia Public Library.  Congratulations!


Alysia Shang

Alyssa Lee

Samantha Fu

Kaytalie Shang

Alex Ling

Avani Abeyratne

Miranda Romero

Katelyn Teav

Sunny Ge

Beatrice Ge

Ray Suwanna Iem

Sydney Tien


Attention all 8th graders! Are you interested in science, engineering, or some combination of both? If so, tryout to become a member of the Arcadia High School Science Olympiad team! Learn about our array of 23 unique events at the mandatory informational meeting on April 25th at 3:30PM in the AHS Lecture Hall. You must come to this after school meeting in order to tryout; if you cannot make it for any reason, email scienceolympiadteam@gmail.com. Hope to see you all there!


Attention all DIY Club members. We will be meeting Today at lunch this week. On We are making Origami Foldings. So please join us in Mrs. Mai's room for our craft. See you all there!


“Hot Off The Grill” Cafeteria News: Our next BBQ lunch day will be on Thursday,  April 25th. Please stop in the Foothills Café to purchase your lunch and get your burger or hot dog right off the grill!


Theatre Announcement


LILY. Oh, please! You know she liked it! You know she loved being the center of attention. I did her a favor.


ALLISON. So you put a chocolate cake on her chair as she was about to sit down? You call that a “favor”?


LILY. I tried. I tried to make it better. I offered her my tickets for the dramatic play in the Foothills MPR, #VIRAL by Maria McConville. The play is on Thursday, April 25th, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.


ALLISON. Oh, and remember how you wrote on her face in permanent marker? What about that?


LILY. Well… I don’t know! Those tickets were five dollars! And I just gave them away to her! Aren’t we even now? I bought them from a drama member, but you can also buy them from the office or at the door on the night of the play starting at 6 pm.


ALLISON. Stop trying to change the subject!


LILY. I’m sorry. How was I supposed to know everyone was going to tattle on me? It was just a stupid prank.


AND ON THE MENU: Breakfast will include: egg croissant, coffee cake, assorted muffins and poptarts, and cereal. And for lunch, we will be serving: sriracha nuggets, popcorn chicken, corn dog, and protein box, fresh fruit, vegetables and milk.