Daily Bulletin

Foothills Middle School 

Thursday, February 22, 2024


Student Bulletin


Attention all 8th graders!  Are you interested in taking a beginning dance or an intermediate dance class in place of a PE class at the high school?  Come to an informational meeting this Thursday at 12:15 in room 104 to learn more about it.  This is an informational meeting where you can learn more about the dance department at Arcadia High school.  Previous dance experience is not needed for you to participate.


Come join us on the soccer field for a quick game at the noon sports bell!  If you're on the school team, it can also help you warm up for your game afterschool!  


ECO FACT: Did you know that Daylight Saving is good for the planet? Scientists studied that we saved 0.5% of electricity by turning our clocks forward. Even though 0.5% sounds small, it is enough electricity to power 100,000 houses for a year. 

Green Club will be meeting in room 110 during lunch today. Come check out how you can help the environment. Hope to see you there!


Attention Recyclers, please go to your assigned room during WIN time to empty out those blue bins. Thanks for all that you do!


What is the next Spirit Wednesday theme? It is Couch Potato Day. Let's relax in some cozy flannel bottoms or a nice pair of sweatpants! Show your spirit by dressing comfy on this Spirit Wednesday. Remember school rules and dress code rules still apply. Dress appropriately. 

and on the MENU:  breakfast will include belgium waffle with sausage, bagel & cream cheese, donut and fresh fruit. And for lunch we will be serving: chicken strips with tater tots, anytimer, calzone, build your own salad, fresh fruit, veggies and milk.